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Collection Agency

As a commercial collection agency we know we're measured by the results we provide, and that each time we do business, the reputation of our entire collection agency is at stake. At CCA Inc., we treat each client as if it was our only collection client. We know that we will get you the best quote from the best collection agencies. We are honored to have you as our guest. Please take a moment and explore our website and see the difference in our system to get you the best collection quote possible.
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Commercial Collection

For CCA Inc., each account is as individual as the business it represents. We are not the typical one size fits all collection agency. We will find the best agency to suit your needs for each account. Using imagination and innovation, we keep trying until we succeed for you. CCA Inc. offers a menu of specialized services to locate debtors, collect what they owe, and communicate needed information quickly and efficiently to our clients.

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Medical Collection

Our mission is a simple one. To build a world-class collection agency based on customer service. We realize that you are our greatest asset and deserve to be treated as such. We are dedicated to your success.CCA Inc. provides financial and management solutions for accounts receivable managers on domestic and international debt recovery worldwide.

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Debt Recovery

We are pleased to welcome you into the new millennium. With over a century of credit and collection agency industry experience, we have combined our old time values and work ethic with today’s cutting edge technology. CCA Inc. offers a full range of collection services to meet the specific needs of any credit grantors, we collect your money and all types of debt but specialize in businesses and professional collections.

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Consumer Collection

Choosing the right collection agency for your company is an important decision. The agency and their representation of your company can often affect your bottom line. CCA Inc., with over a 100 year’s experience in this field offers the most diverse set of collection programs available that will give you leverage other collection agencies can not.

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