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With CCA Inc. , you’ll have the skill and expertise needed to collect business-to-business debt, delivering improved cash flow and reduced days outstanding.

Commercial Collection

Knowledge and Experience With A Personal Touch… At CCA Inc., we know our clients have different reasons for allowing their accounts to become delinquent. Sometimes it is merely an unwillingness to pay. At other times, it may be temporary financial hardship or an over-extension of resources. These debtors may want to pay, and repeated demands may aggravate the problem.
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On the other hand, if they are treated professionally, they may remain loyal customers. With our sophisticated credit research and investigation techniques, we will discover all details regarding the debtor’s financial condition, giving us the information we need to make decisions about how best to collect the account. Then, we’ll work with you and advise you on the progress made to get the money in hand.

We believe litigation should be a last resort. Instead, we determine the best way to collect the account, using debt recovery technology, written and verbal techniques, as well as personal, onsite visits when necessary. Our impeccable professionalism helps you avoid losing future sales to your competitor by allowing you, whenever possible, to retain the customer and continue your relationship.

At CCA Inc., we know debtors aren’t all alike. Our goal is to offer the personalized service that meets the specific needs of each of your delinquent accounts.