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CCA Inc. is a client collections agency that has considerable experience and a long record of achievements covering all types of industries, and we take great pride in our track record of delivering continuous outstanding customer service.

Client debt recovery is regulated by the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Besides this Act, the rules and regulations of state and locality are also applied.To make sure that our agency is conforming to these laws, our extremely well-trained and registered professionals will constantly go for training, so that we strictly adhere and update ourselves on these pertinent federal and state laws. We perform work on client accounts as frequently as the law allows us to do, and we record and send reports of the debtors collection items to all major and established credit bureaus.

Our professional collectors voluntarily instilled into their minds our “Preserve Human Dignity” or PHD philosophy, so that, with your delinquent accounts, we will continuously protect a man’s reputation. This philosophy has greatly benefited our agency as it has been proven to be more effective than the typical policy adopted by many collection agencies; intimidating and degrading delinquent accounts. We contribute our success in getting the A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau or BBB to our PHD philosophy. This means that you can be assured of having either little or no complaints at all as we regard your reputation as critically as our own.

There are three ways to send your placements to us, via mail, fax or online portal. Once we have received your placements, your accounts will be promptly uploaded into our database. Our servicing will then immediately commence. The first collection letter will be issued by the collection team within 24 hours after the servicing begins. The team then focuses aggressively on calling campaign, pursuing the debtor until the debt is fully paid or until the debtor commits to a payment arrangement schedule. If there are difficulties locating the debtor, a qualified private investigator who leads our skip tracing department will use numerous databases and private sources to find the debtor. The debtor’s contact information is then updated and handed over to the staff responsible for the debt collection.

Your belief and trust in our ability to safeguard your collected funds are especially significant to us and also our constant relationship with you. Until your remittance, funds are placed in separate and well-guarded state-regulated trust accounts, supported by bonds, which further helps ensure your protection. We also have a substantial Errors and Omissions policy that insures us and our clients in the rare event of any oversight or omission on our part. Since the formation of our company in 1996, we have had an impressive track record and no customer has filed any claims against our company, bonds and insurance.

In the present modern-day environment, the use of technology for managing account receivable is indisputably a necessity. This is the reason why our agency has no qualms in investing in state-of-the-art technology which allow our customers to check their account status 24 hours and 7 days a week. We will give our client a unique login and they will use it to access to our online portal. By using our portal, they can either upload their placements or download their account activity and statements in a safe format. You can request reports or statements as frequently as you want and they will be automatically sent to your email. We provide this technology to all of our clients, regardless of their size and volume of placements.