Debt Recovery

free quote This debt recovery program is the most cost-effective solution as it charges clients based on a percentage of the debt recovered. We offer customized programs and do not request for upfront fees, so our clients can have piece of mind and focus better on their recovery and business growth. Whenever we receive new accounts in our system, a debt recovery specialist will immediately be informed and he will be responsible in communicating with the debtor. With the availability of constant improved technology and creative techniques, a higher percentage of debt recovery is expected to be achieved. This program, with the help of a wide range of tools, is created to track down, contact, record and safeguard payment on all accounts created. Regular fees vary from 25% to 50% and there are four factors that determine the fees chargeable to accounts: Age, Type, Quantity and Average dollar amount of all accounts created.

The Strengths of our Contingency Collection Program:

Economical solutions and assured results. We do not want to be paid unless you are paid first! We do not charge upfront fees for you to get started. No strings attached, no kidding. We will charge you the cost of investigation on debtor’s contact number and skip-tracing address. Before we make the first call, we beat our competition by doing a thorough check on debtor’s asset and liability. We do not set a minimum on the dollar amount or restrict the number of accounts that you can place with us. All delinquent accounts will get five letters and one of them is from a lawyer. They will also receive phone calls from our debt recovery professionals and we submit report to all major credit reporting agencies. We will tailor our debt collection techniques based on your specifications. You can go to our online portal to gain access to our collection report, available 24 hours daily, so that you can update yourself on the progress of our work. Numerous collection reports are made available to you online, and 24/7 to help you keep a count on our progress. We will accept your placements in any format and quantity on our online portal and you can also send them to us via email. We will also tailor-make a placement form for your business profile. Sliding scale contingency fees guarantees that all accounts placed with us are worked irrespective of the age or amount of debt. A debt collection professional will help you in setting up an effective collections program. Our agency adopts a tried and true system, consistently using a model of continual and versatile collections programs to recover your debts. Due to our excellent performance in this industry, our clients are satisfied and we continue to have strong relationships with them. Our recovery rate is as high as one hundred percent. If you are having difficulties in recovering your money, look no further, we can help you. Click here to get more information about our debt recovery service.