Medical Collection

Do you have delinquent medical accounts receivable? Get a free quote from the top collection agencies in the world.

Dental and Medical Debt Collection Services

free quoteWhether your medical practice is large or small we can help. Delinquent medical accounts or unresolved insurance claims can kill a business.  Let us at CCA Inc. help you get your accounts receivable up to speed and back in your account where the money should be. At CCA Inc. we want you to not only be happy with our services, but we want you to come back again and again, while keeping your patients happy as well.

If you are in the medical practice, whether you run a large medical centre or just being a single practitioner, you may face cash flow problems if your clients are slow in settling their medical bills and you have many pending insurance claims. CCA Inc.’s professional third party intervention will help to resolve the medical office’s bottom line so that normal business operation can resume quickly.

Slow Self-Paying Patients

CCA Inc. conducts a very diplomatic third party intervention by effectively getting patients to respond to past due statements, without making them feel uncomfortable returning for medical assistance after responding.

Unresolved Claims

Practices get faster, more precise resolution on insurance claims because CCA Inc. will arrange the accounts in a new order of importance and from the clerk’s desk, gets them passed to a supervisor.